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Brochures (Key Phrasing)

Standard Back Copy

Habitat for Humanity homes are built in partnership with low-income families, volunteers and sponsors to eliminate poverty housing.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our inspirational and diverse group of volunteers embodies the spirit of Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona.

Without our volunteers’ contributions, there would be no way we could pursue our mission to help families in need achieve their dreams.

Building Green

A home is not affordable if it is not energy efficient, healthy and durable.

Tax Credit

Use your tax dollars to build homes for families in need of decent, affordable housing.

Support the dream of homeownership for a family in need of decent, affordable housing.

Get the gift of lower taxes.


The Green Choice

Since 2005, donations and purchases from people like you to Central Arizona ReStores have saved more than 4,000,000 pounds from landfills.

Home construction, remodeling and demolition projects are responsible for close to one-third of all of the nation’s annual solid waste.

You can be a part of the solution for creating a sustainable future for all of us.

With rows of affordable items donated by generous businesses and individuals, you are able to shop for the all things you need to redecorate, remodel or build your home for only a fraction of retail prices.

Home Repair Program

Affordable home repairs from a name you can trust.

From roofing and plumbing repairs to painting and landscaping to weatherization upgrades that will help save on your utility bills, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona can help you with our Home Repair Program.

Home Renovation Program

Our vision of revitalizing neighborhoods into vibrant, safe and inviting places to live across Central Arizona will translate into a renewed community spirit.

We are committed to serving more families by renovating vacant homes throughout the Valley. In addition to building new homes, we recognize the need to offer solutions to the current foreclosure crisis and serve more families in Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

Partnerships with municipalities and funding from various community development and revitalization programs allow us to transform existing foreclosures into energy-efficient, economically-sustainable homes.

Radio Advertisements

Holiday Season Giving/Tax Credit (60 second)

During this season of giving, please consider making a charitable donation to Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona: where we are working tirelessly to provide affordable housing for the Valley’s working poor. In addition to helping families-in-need realize their dreams of homeownership, your gift may qualify as an Arizona State Tax Credit for the Working Poor, thereby reducing your state tax liability. You can do this in addition to your School Tax Credit donation. If you itemize your gift, you will receive a dollar for dollar credit for your gift to Habitat. The maximum credit is four hundred dollars, if filing jointly, or two hundred, if filing individually. Please visit to donate by December 31st. And on behalf of all of us at Habitat, we wish you a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for supporting our mission to eliminate poverty housing.

1000th Home (60 second)

During a time when we all shopped at Gemco and had birthday parties at Farrell’s, a small group of volunteers came together in the summer of nineteen eighty-seven to build a house… to help a family in need of decent, affordable housing. Now, a quarter century later, that family’s children are successful, productive members of our Valley community and we at Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona are thrilled to announce the completion of our one-thousandth home. While this accomplishment marks a major milestone for us, it’s only been possible through the help of community members just like you. Imagine what we could accomplish with even more involved and engaged people. Imagine how many more families we could affect for the better. Please visit to find out how you can help families in need of decent, affordable housing today.

ReStores (30 second)

Looking for materials to give your home a new look? Have an extra couch taking up valuable space? Or maybe, you’re just looking for a hands-on way of making a difference in someone else’s life… Whether you shop, donate or volunteer at one of Habitat’s five Valley ReStores, you are making a difference in the lives of many families in need of decent, affordable housing in our local community. For more information, please visit