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I love to try new coffee beans for my daily espresso drinks! Attempting to support smaller roasters whenever possible, I tend to buy from local roasters in my immediate area and state, but have also used Trade to sample coffee from small roasters across the United States.

San Diego Area Roasters

RoasterCoffeeRoast LevelFlavor Notes
Cafe MotoBlue SkyDarkSmoky Flavor and Lasting Caramelized Finish
Dark Horse Coffee RoastersRwandaLight/MediumStrawberry Jam, Passionfruit, Teddy Grahams
Flor & Seed Coffee RoastersOaxaca Las FloresMediumApple Pie, Maple Tones
Forum CoffeeSingle Origin – Sidama, EthiopiaMedium DarkStrawberry Jam, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate
Forum CoffeeThe OGMedium DarkChocolate, Nuts, Caramel, Berries
Jaunt Coffee RoastersEthiopia – Bensa Asefa QonqanaLightBerry Fruits, Jasmine, Lychee, Raw Sugar
Jaunt Coffee RoastersThe Murphinator BlendMedium DarkDark Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco, Toffee, Raisin
Mostra CoffeeEthiopia LightStrawberry Mochi, Creamsicle, French Buttercream
Mostra CoffeePhilippine Farmer Milled LotDarkSpice
Storymakers Coffee RoastersJose CienfuegosLightLemongrass, Cherry, Meyer Lemon
Trident CoffeeAnchors AweighLightBittersweet Chocolate, Honey, Orange Peel
Trident CoffeeLink in the ChainLightBlueberry, Fruity, Sweet
Trident CoffeeRising TideDarkSweet, Fruity, Chocolate
Yipao Coffee RoastersVilla CoffeeMediumCherry, Floral, Fruity, Grapes, Prolonged Residual, Bright Citric Acidity, Creamy Body

California Roasters (Outside San Diego)

CityRoasterCoffeeRoast LevelFlavor Notes
Lake TahoeDrink Coffee Do StuffBark at the MoonDarkDark Chocolate, Caramel Drizzle, Rich
Quartz HillSagebrush CafeEspressoDark
Quartz HillSagebrush CafeEthiopianMedium
ReddingFeast Coffee & CultureMilk & Honey BlendMedium DarkPrune, Honey, Milk, Cocoa Nibs
TemeculaMythic Coffee Co.MothmanMedium DarkDark Chocolate, Molasses, Brown Sugar
TemeculaMythic Coffee Co.WendigoDark

United States Roasters (Outside California)

StateCityRoasterCoffeeRoast LevelFlavor Notes
ArizonaPhoenixCartel Roasting Co.Ngozi BahireLightDried Pineapple, Honey and Banana Nut Bread
MichiganGrand RapidsSparrows CoffeeHigh Five BlendMediumToasted Nut and Baker’s Chocolate
New YorkNew YorkOren’s CoffeeFrench RoastDarkIntense Chocolate, Bittersweet
VirginiaFloydRed Rooster CoffeeWaxwing All-Purpose BlendMedium DarkDark Chocolate, Caramel, Nougat, Citrus

Have a favorite local coffee roaster? Let me know!

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